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"Little,very difficult 14 month old son so we have custody"

By medeline

I'm really blown away, my 14 month old grandson was very angry and cried a lot, I couldn't stand it any more, I called him, Mr. Zemer put him to sleep in a few seconds, it was really instantaneous, a thousand thanks, I think I'm going to contact him more often, he's 1 angel this man.

"Ingrown toenail

By Philippe

After an operation for an ingrown toenail, we sought the services of Philippe Zemer. Result, no post-operative pain. Thank you very much. Lexie 14 years old.

"Geobiology... Positive changes in progress".

By Cynthia

After more than 2 years of struggling with the new house, the project (my childhood dream) seems to be slipping away every day. A search on the internet and here I am on the website. I discovered Philippe Zemer's work, read the testimonies and contacted him very stressed, waiting to be heard in our malaise. The telephone reception was simple and frank and the meeting at our home was natural, rich and intense. Precise advice, suggestions, open questioning, ... Which we have been putting into practice as a family for the last 3 weeks. And wow, some of the changes are impressive (for our horses, for leg pain in the morning, for sleep and fatigue problems,...) and others are more subtle, less visible and yet very present. And for me, a nice return to listening to his little voice, observing with a gentle eye our environment and our life... Asking Philippe for help is really a gift I gave to all of us (humans, animals and real estate with its memory). Thank you very much

"Dear Philippe "

By Mr zemer

A very big thank you Philippe, I have just learned that ......... is cured, nobody can explain it, but you and I know that "Father Christmas" told me that he will not forget you

"Mr zemer"

By Ms.

Hello Philippe, I am taking the time to answer you. I didn't dare to do so, probably because of superstition... What you said about Sacha moved me a lot. Things that I feel and that those around me tend to minimise and trivialise. So yes, I am all the more attentive to it. For a few days now, he has been in a phase of independence. I'm grown up, I manage... Concerning Mattia, and this is where my superstition comes into play, the nights have been serene since your visit... the very same evening. Since then, he has cried three times, twice when he went back to sleep on his own, once when I just went to put him back to bed properly. It has literally changed our lives! I so hope those sleepless nights are far from us... I can only say what we can't say... everything you said resonated with us, we think of you often. Good luck to you


By Serge

We called on Philippe Zemer to relieve shingles. The pains were very strong and the medicines did not relieve them... After several sessions of magnetism, the pains were spaced out and attenuated. And then they went away. Many thanks to Philippe for his precious help. To be recommended without hesitation!


By Brigitte dor

A big thank you Philippe after 9 days in hospital kalvin 2 months old was still in crisis the parents were desperate after our conversation the baby is doing wonderfully I can not thank you enough

"Finger burns due to eczema".

By Maureen

I had been suffering from eczema on my hands for over a year due to an allergic reaction to cosmetics. Intense burns were radiating from my hands. I then called on Philppe Zemer, whose various interventions I had heard good things about. The same day, the burns stopped and a few days later no more eczema (by chance, I don't know...). In any case, I thank P. Zemer for his services! Thank you!

"Miraculous! Great! TOP! "

By Tara

I called on Mr Zemer for a sharp burn that I had after having a wart burned with nitrogen, a few minutes after his intervention the burn decreased significantly until it disappeared completely in a few hours (the same day) What a relief Mr Zemer then intervened on me for very painful body aches which prevented me from living a normal life The session was more than beneficial I am happy to be able to live again without pain thanks to Mr Zemer. Mr Zemer answers present when we call upon his gifts, he is understanding, listening and very good advice .... I recommend without hesitation A huge THANK YOU to you


By Fabrice

Always listening and present to relieve teething problems... Relief within 5 minutes... What a pleasure

"Thank you"

By Margaux

My 2 year old daughter had herpegitis. She had not eaten for three days and was crying day and night because of the pain. She was covered in pimples from the hairline to the soles of her feet and had mouth ulcers all the way down her throat. She had a treatment but it had no effect on the pain and therefore the appetite. In desperation I called Philippe late in the evening and he answered and dealt with my call straight away. Within 15 minutes my daughter had a major pain attack that lasted a few minutes and then nothing. She had three drinks, ate a danish and an hour later ate two plates for dinner. After that she gave us the night off! So thank you very much Philippe for what you did! And I will think of you again if big problems arise.

"Thank you"

By Géraldine

A person who always listens and is present when his gifts are called upon. Many thanks for everything... For my numerous calls for my daughter's teething, for the fever,... but especially for helping her to finally get through the night... I will call Philippe without hesitation

"Thank you"

By christine

I have a stone in my bladder which makes me suffer I sent a little note to Philippe and I was relieved what happiness

"Thank you! "

By Pauline

A big thank you to you! I had a tooth pulled, I called Philippe to relieve the pain when I woke up and thanks to him I didn't have any pain when it woke up! A very big thank you!

"Thank you"

By Gegel

Thanks to you


By Maggy

Wednesday evening I couldn't move anymore because I had a point in my back...something so infernal, like a stabbing every 10 seconds more or less, that I had to take a pill containing morphine to be able to sleep and put the pain to sleep...the next day I contacted Philippe who worked for me....and this morning, Friday, I'm doing the cleaning of my house....I specify that I'm 70 years old....

"Thank you"

By Yoyo

Thank you for your work on my house


By lafalize

thank you thank you for helping to heal the wound and thank you for your advice

"Thank you"

By Angelique

Thanks to Philippe for his magnetism treatments which helped me a lot with my back and allergy problems

"Thank you! "

By Marie F.

Many thanks! Toothache and skin problems gone, thank you very much.

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