Philippe Zemer
Magnetizer and geobiologist in Witry

Philippe Zemer, magnetizer and geobiologist in Witry

I am specialised in magnetism, geobiology, naturopathy and dowsing since the year 2000.
Today, I work in my practice in Witry near Traimont, Fauvillers or Hotte. As a magnetizer, I offer sessions at home, in a retirement home, in a practice, in a clinic, at a distance, in a hospital or in farms for infants, children, teenagers, adults but also seniors or animals.

Magnetic therapy offers a path of consciousness at the crossroads of the intellect, the body and the heart. In order to be as close as possible to your expectations, I adapt my methods to each individual. If you have tried everything in terms of traditional medicine but still suffer, I can help you.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your magnetizer Philippe Zemer.

Philippe Zemer's services






Philippe Zemer, your magnetizer

Philippe Zemer, magnetizer in Villy

Magnetism is practiced in my office or at home and also for animals.

For burns and toothaches you just have to contact me, just like magnetism this is possible from a distance.

Geobiology, treats the energetic problems of the home which can cause sleep disturbance, stress, bad energy, even illness, etc... this is treated in all cases on the spot in your living space.

this video explains very well what medicine does and what magnetism does


Your magnetism and geobiology practice in Witry

Access to the practice

Philippe Zemer

10 rue d'Anlier
6860 Witry
BE 0724 256 735

The office is close to the following cities: Bastogne, Fauvillers, Martelange and Arlon.

Make an appointment

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 7:30pm

Philippe Zemer is available to make an appointment and answer your questions.

Philippe Zemer

Practical information

I offer magnetism consultations in retirement homes, at a distance, in clinics, in hospitals, at home, in farms, in offices for all, infants, children, adolescents, adults, seniors or animals.

  • Democratic pricing
  • Home consultations possible

They did a magnetism session


Ingrown nail

After an operation for an ingrown toenail, we sought the services of Philippe Zemer. Result, no post-operative pain. Thank you very much. Lexie 14 years old.


Geobiology... Positive changes in progress

After more than 2 years of struggling with the new house, the project (my childhood dream) seems to be slipping away every day. A search on the internet and here I am on the website. I discovered Philippe Zemer's work, read the testimonies and contacted him very stressed, waiting to be heard in our malaise. The telephone reception was simple and frank and the meeting at our home was natural, rich and intense. Precise advice, suggestions, open questioning, ... Which we have been putting into practice as a family for the last 3 weeks. And wow, some of the changes are impressive (for our horses, for leg pain in the morning, for sleep and fatigue problems,...) and others are more subtle, less visible and yet very present. And for me, a nice return to listening to his little voice, observing with a gentle eye our environment and our life... Asking Philippe for help is really a gift I gave to all of us (humans, animals and real estate with its memory). Thank you very much

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